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child support

What to Do When the Other Parent Refuses to Pay Child Support

It takes two people to create a child, thus, it is only right that both of them do their part in supporting the child’s needs and upbringing. If one is the custodial parent, the other one must provide financial support even if there is a joint custody arrangement in place. One cannot get out of

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franchise business

Franchise Marketing: Using Technology to Grow Your Business

Franchises have long been a part of the business world, offering many benefits for franchise brands and franchisees alike. Franchisors benefit by growing their business by opening new locations and getting their name out to the public much faster through their franchisees. On the other hand, franchisees get to enjoy the perks and benefits of

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high school student writing

What High School Students Should Know About Money

There are many cautionary tales of professionals who managed their finances poorly and ended up losing their hard-earned money. There are also numerous how-tos online detailing steps on how to recover from such troubles. While these are necessary and encouraging for many, there also needs to be more information for young people on how to

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happy family

Legal Preparations to Help Bring Your Loved Ones Closer to You

Even up to this day, many individuals are still considering moving to different countries due to a number of reasons, and one of these includes the family. For instance, if you have been living in the United States for almost your entire life while your other relatives are residing on the other side of the

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person writing codes

Why You Need to Know About Digital Citizenship

The world as we know it has changed dramatically since the inception of the internet. Through it, many physical barriers and limitations have been broken. No longer do we have to be limited by analog signals that are expensive- now we can talk to friends halfway around the world, with video at that. The network

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Understanding the Different Fields of Law

Many people dream of becoming a layer but it is not meant for everyone. It is very difficult to become a lawyer since law schools are extremely competitive and it is not easy to gain acceptance in them. Furthermore, aspiring lawyers will also have to pass the LSAT which allows them to practice law in

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