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Tech Trends Shaping the HR Industry During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The last few years are marked by an avalanche of changes in the HR industry. As new players enter the HR technology industry, companies turn to digital tools to enhance employee productivity and efficiency. In turn, HR tech firms continue to entice business leaders to make the most of new developments to support, recruit, and

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How the Pandemic Changed Consumer Banking Behavior

The pandemic had a wide range of effects on different sectors of society. While the travel and hospitality industries were among the most affected, the health crisis also caused some changes in the banking industry. Digital technology was already changing the banking industry with the way they delivered financial products and services. Consumer expectations were

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Container Homes and Things to Consider Before Having One

So, there you are holding that passbook like it’s the most precious thing in the world knowing it’s the testament of months or even years of hard work to finance your own house. The thought of working on a project as big as this is enough to get you excited. What makes you more so are

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Critical Steps for Implementing a New Business Management Solution

Business management solutions have become a vital part of ensuring seamless operations or processes within your company. This is even more important if you’re starting a new business endeavor, and you need to guarantee workforce productivity and efficiency. By putting good management software in place, your people won’t waste their time performing tedious tasks, and

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It’s Your Right to Know These 5 Myths about Police Arrests

Hopefully, you never experience getting arrested or being woken up in the middle of the night by a call made from a police station. No matter how law-abiding and careful you are, however, there are times when being confronted by the police is inevitable. When you or someone you know face the prospect of getting

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Digital Literacy and Ethics as a Worthy Trend in U.S. Education

Almost all human knowledge is now uploaded on the Internet. Thanks to the digital revolution, we have now made it accessible for everyone to access any type of information from the internet, whether it is harmful or trivial. On a survey made six years ago, 94% of all the children 18 years old and below

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