All About Winning: David Rozenholc’s Way

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It’s common for lawyers to apply every trick in the book when trying a case to secure a win for their clients. David Rozenholc, the king of tenant law, is known to employ every trick in the book, stretching the hearings out for years. Not surprisingly, he has the wealth to back his talk, winning various multi-million-dollar settlements for his clients. As an opposing counsel, David is a tenacious bare-knuckle fighter who takes no hostages. Gleaning from court reporters in Phoenix, he’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty and has earned every bit of his fierce reputation.

A Consummate Brawler

With more than 40 years of prosecuting experience under his belt, David doesn’t back down from a fight. He will take on any developer that threats to infringe on the right of his tenants. He’s famed for having forced a real estate company to pay an impressive $25 million for two tenants. The two were residents in a small apartment building that was in the way of their almost half-a-billion-dollar site in Hudson Yards.

Tishman Speyer, the realtor in question, chose to settle instead of facing David in a court of law. They made what has come to be known as one of the biggest payouts to holdout tenants to the king of tenant law. It’s reported that David received a third of that settlement. That was back in 2015, but his multi-million winnings date back as early as 2005.

A Creative Solution to a Rampant Problem

Lawyer in a conversation with his clientEarly on in his career, David realized that he could make a name for himself by tweaking a few things when representing tenants. He was quick to recognize and calculate the value of tenant holdout in the early 1990s. He figured that if developers were willing to invest colossal sums of money in a project, they could at least be generous in compensating the people.

He would find the total amount of the upcoming projects and use that to calculate what moving the tenant was worth to the developer. Of the earliest victories was over none other than Donald Trump in the early 1980s when he successfully blocked tenant evictions. His unique approach certainly paid off, earning him tens of millions throughout his legal career.

A Distinctive Advantage

Unlike the development companies, David’s clients were in no particular hurry and had not tight deadlines to meet. As such, he was free to engage in just about any trick to drag out the court proceedings. He once forced a developer to abandon a project after four years of battling David in court. He found creative ways to come up with arguments that made these cases drag out. For instance, he once spent hours interviewing an engineer about a single structural column much to the chagrin of the opposing counsel.

The king of tenant law knows how the system works, racking up wins along the way. These proceedings generate an incredible amount of paperwork that overwhelms even the best of legal firms. Stretching out the hearings often causes many of the companies to fold up and settle instead of engaging in an endless legal battle.

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