October 6, 2021

testing out e commerce website

Improving Your E-commerce Website: What Should You Do?

Everyone’s going digital nowadays. With most audiences turning to online shopping to scratch the itch, having an e-commerce site for your business is just common sense at this point. It’s easier now than it ever was before to set up an e-commerce site. In fact, you could, theoretically, do it in a day. But just

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Why Your Floorboards are Changing Shape

One of the common issues many homeowners face is their floorboards’ obvious wear. When it comes to wood flooring, everyone wants theirs as spotless as possible. This is achievable with the right amount of TLC. It’s no surprise why wood is the go-to material for most. For one, it’s a beautiful material. It’s customizable too,

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The Role of Spirituality in Building Stronger Communities

It no longer comes as a surprise that there is too much negativity and selfishness in the world. But it’s not something that happened overnight; rather, it’s a societal behavior that was honed through time because more people prioritized their desires and needs than chose to contribute to the greater good. But it’s difficult to

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fresh out of college couple buying property

Real-estate Hacks for Fresh Grads

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported approximately $1.6 trillion student loan debt accumulation as of 2021’s second quarter. With a record high of $38,792 as the average person’s student loan debt, getting a house in this era is nearly impossible for fresh graduates. But as the phrasing suggested, there is still a possibility.

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buying clothes

The Buying Decision: 4 Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior

What and why do consumers buy? Every marketer should start with this question to understand their customers’ behavior and lead to the ultimate goal—to sell. Big or small business, when you know what makes your buyers tick and implement the right promotional strategies, you can persuade and sell a great deal. Several factors influence consumers

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man working remotely

Managing a Business During the Pandemic: 5 Ways to Thrive

The ongoing global economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll on businesses of all scales. Whether you are a front-runner of your industry worrying about the salary of your workers or a small business owner barely getting by through the day-to-day break-evens you’ve been experiencing for months, the pandemic has you struggling

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