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How the US Government Supports Orphaned Children

According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis & Reporting System (AFCARS), over 400,000 children in the United States have been declared orphans or otherwise lack a permanent home. Fortunately,

Education & Training

Concept of intellectual property highlighting registered trademark, legal protection, copyright, patent, business, etc.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Whether you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur, you need to know how to protect your intellectual property (IP). IP is anything that’s created by you or your employees

Business Services & Finance

An airfield hangar with plane

Essentials for a Hangar Service Business

The United States has one of the busiest airspaces in the world. It’s estimated that the country has  45,000 flights daily . This equals billions of dollars in revenue. The

Law & Paralegal

business people

Different Types of Lawyers

Being a lawyer is a noble profession, but it’s also a very complex one. After all, there are many different areas of the law. Here’s a quick overview of the various

Construction employees making a blueprint

Keeping Up With Construction Business Laws

Practicing compliance in your construction business protects your company and constitutes a good business sense. With 36 to 53 percent of ventures getting sued yearly, business owners should prioritize compliance. You can

Science, Digital, & Technology

Ways You Can Help Move Science Forward

In these unprecedented times, supporting scientific research and discovery is more important than ever. But what does that mean, exactly? And how can you help? Here are a few ways

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