Product Winner 2010

Polli Bricks

Providing a cost effective, environmentally friendly and practically sound form of cladding lies at the heart of Polli Bricks, the invention of Arthur Huang, a Harvard trained architect who runs MINIWIZ Sustainable Energy Development in Taiwan. Polli Bricks is the world’s first scalable carbon-neutral recycled polymer architectural cladding and is 100% re-engineered from recycled plastic bottles. The system includes solar-powered LED lighting, making any Polli Brick structure a renewably energized and aesthetically pleasing architectural statement.

Arthur Huang explains: “Polli Bricks is truly revolutionary because it represents the world’s first 100% carbon neutral example of cladding. No other cladding in the world is made entirely from recycled bottles yet still delivers an aesthetically pleasing and practically sound solution to the issue of insulation.”

The benefits of Polli Brick over conventional cladding are substantial. First, it is made from plastic bottles thus eliminating the need for environmentally demanding raw materials. Additionally, because the construction process utilises locally collected recycled PET polymer bottles, transport costs for construction materials are significantly reduced.

Second, the cladding is incredibly cost effective. At US$27/ft2, inclusive of solar-powered LED lighting, Polli Brick costs a fraction of other architectural glass cladding systems, many of which are priced in the US$150 – US$250/ft2 price range and none of which are recycled or renewably energized. This solution therefore offers huge cost savings to developers who install cladding in a variety of home and work environments.

Arthur Huang concludes: “The international market for green products is booming as governments seek to co-ordinate reductions in their national carbon dioxide emissions. This makes carbon neutral cladding an extremely attractive option at the moment especially considering the huge cost savings it represents to the end user. However, most importantly, Polli-Brick’s represents a positive contribution to the new economy of tomorrow. This is what The Earth Awards are about and I am excited to say I think it delivers on that aspiration.”